Annie Wenu is also known as Annie (Kalume) Wenu; she is a Project Management Coach, Speaker, and Author. She is the founder and CEO of Life Quality Improvement Coaching (LQIC), a London based personal and professional coaching service that specializes in project management for professionals and businesses. With a Diploma in Accountancy, a Bachelor Degree in Business Management with Human Resource Management and a Masters in Applied project management Enterprise Management, she helps people to get more out of their lives by following a three simple step process.

Annie has a diploma in accountancy. However, she didn’t actually like working with figures and decided to pursue her passion for learning, writing, teaching, coaching, training, creativity. She wanted to help women transform their lives by educating, inspiring and motivating them to create a power and a purpose. Although Annie’s week-long course for international clients was highly successful, the business eventually failed and didn’t give up.

However, fuelled by her purpose and power, Annie started her multi-phase project in continuing to pursue a coaching career. Annie completed her certification in coaching and after coaching on one to one, group coaching and speaking at several events, she realized that she needed to position herself as an authority and expert in corporate management. She decided to go back into education; she has completed a BSc (Honours) in Business Management with Human Resource Management and a Masters in Applied Project Management Enterprise Management pathway.

Annie helps entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs or employed professionals to succeed by assessing project planning and execution to implement career and business change. Her three simple step process enables individuals to manage their project’s time, costs, resources and risks through the use of project management principles to turn their passion into a concrete reality. Many people failed to identify with clarity what they want and find themselves doing jobs that they don’t like.

Annie is a co-author of an academic journal article titled: “The Applied, Knowledge and Work-based oriented Project Management Coaching Framework (AKW-PMCF) published by the Journal of Modern Project Management and you can access Here. This publication is a condensed version of her final dissertation that was so successful. This framework is useful for coaches in project management and project managers acting as coaches to team members especially for new project managers in the field to assess project management professionals at all levels cope with stress and pressure due to projects demands. Her book, “Anything is a Project” explains that a project can be in anything and a well-planned project for both businesses and individuals will help to have clarity in anything they want to achieve and to align their projects with their personal or business purpose, vision or values for a successful delivery.

This book is also useful especially for children, to coach them at a young age to develop their talents, become happy and prosperous individuals in the future and achieve their dreams. Therefore keeping them focus their future lives and out of the street.

She also had a privilege to be a guest speaker to coach Masters Students in Applied Project Management in Construction, IT and Enterprise Management pathways at West London University on how to conduct a project successfully, cope with projects challenges and time management to achieve excellence as students.

Annie’s entrepreneurial challenges and personal hardships have only helped to redefine her purpose. She is a proven example that you can rise from setbacks and projects manage your life and business to reach success.

If you want to take action and have more information about her coaching programs, speaking events, workshops and webinars please get in touch by clicking Here

Just believe and take action. What God cannot do does not exist.

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