MODULE #1: How to identify with clarity what you want to achieve. Dream Big!
(You will be able to identify a project idea that is relevant to your career, business or dream goal and ensure that all areas in your life and business life are balanced)
VALUE £999.99
MODULE #2: How to identify your challenges and address the root causes. Kick that challenge out of your way!
(You will be able to identify what is blocking or sabotaging your performance, learn leadership skills that you need to lead people
VALUE £1399.99
MODULE #3: MODULE #4 BONUS: How to outline, plan, implement, monitor and control and close your project successfully. Anything is a project
(Define, plan, implement and deliver your project successfully and monetise it)
How to monetise your project’s outcome!
Make crazy money, improve the quality of your life and family life and live a happier, more successful and healthier life).
VALUE £2249.99
TOTAL VALUE £ 4649.97
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